Pressure Pre-Coat

Reducing insoluble contaminant with a binding medium to form sludge by treating dirty fluids.

Paper Band

Simplest form of separating particles from all type of fluids thus helping in reuse of fluids.


Evolved form of paper band filter with the principle of suction to filter all types of fluids.

Pressure Bed

Applying pressure pneumatically or hydraulically on flat bed removes dirt thus giving clean fluids.

Magnetic Separators

Reducing pollution by separating particles (metals/non-metals) with minimum amount of fluid.

Sump Cleaners

Cleaning of coolant tanks thus saving time, downtime, labor & cost on maintenance.

Cartridge/Bag Filters

Filtration using cartridge elements or bags and used for fine filtration upto 0.2 microns.

Self Cleaning

Reclaiming and reusing of fluids (wastewater, coolants, neat oils) for variety of industrial needs.

Oil Skimmers

Removing oil contaminants from dirty fluids by the principle of adhesion thus saving environment.

Centralized System

Saving space in machine shop thus resulting in cleanliness thus saving cost and manpower.