Our pre-coat filtration systems can filter anywhere from 20 gallons (75.6 litres) to over several 1000 gallons (3780 litres) per minute. They are known for their durability, helping our customers maintain overall production efficiency for decades with very fine filtration results and low maintenance. There are a variety of standard models to choose from or we design systems that suit your requirement.

The pre-coat filter works with the aid of filter media. The filter vessels consist of tubes made of polyester or polypropylene. The dirty liquid mixed with filter media is hydraulically coated/deposited evenly on the surface of filter tubes. These deposits are referred to as ‘cake’. When the dirty liquid passes through at an optimum pressure, the dirt particles from the liquid will be held to the cake. The clean liquid passes through the tubes and will be collected into a clean liquid tank. When the filter vessel reaches a threshold pressure, this filtration stage stops. The dirt mixed in with the cake (sludge/slurry) on the surface of tubes is removed automatically by a bumping (shaking) process. This sludge is later dried to further liquid recovery.


  • Easy and systematic scrap management
  • Low maintenance and no supervision required
  • Cleaner shop
  • Viable option for large facilities
  • Different material chips (cast iron, aluminium, steel) can be processed


  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • EDM
  • Bio-diesel
  • Oil and water based metalworking coolants
  • Gun drilling
  • Distillery products
  • Other oil applications