Project Turnkey Services

Our experts will be at customer sites for complete assistance in installation, commissioning and the start-up of our filtration systems.

On-Site AND remote Training

We provide training for operating our systems during initial set-up. System training can be offered either on-site or on-line (remote). This helps to achieve effective and efficient operation of our systems for maximum benefit.

Annual Maintenance

We offer support, annual maintenance and inspection packages for our systems. Depending on the condition of the system, our experts will evaluate the state of the system on-site and provide suggestions if required.

Preventive Maintenance

A dedicated team will be sent on-site to inspect the system thoroughly and conduct Q&A sessions with the system operators. Assistance will be provided to attain the best outcome from our systems.

Rental & Lease

We provide rental and lease options for any of our systems that suit customer needs. This offers an opportunity to evaluate the quality of our filtration systems and services.

Auxiliary Systems

We recommend and offer auxiliary systems for improved performance of our systems. These systems include chillers, supply (clean) pumps, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control systems, control panels and more.