Troubleshooting the Pre-coat Filter in Cutting Tools Operations – A Case Study

Issues reported by customer: Our customer had two of our pre-coat filters (CFC-90A Filter) to recycle oil-based coolant that was being utilized on their grinding machines to make some of the finest cutting tools in the USA. After a few years of use, they started facing issues with one of the filters and they contacted […]

Advantages of using a Centralized Filtration System over Individual Filtration Systems

A centralized filtration system is a single common system unit that caters to smaller filtration systems and their accessories. A centralized filtration system is one of the most convenient and effective ideologies for all filtration purposes due to its mechanism. We have accumulated a list of reasons why a centralized filtration system can be a […]

Why Filtration is Important in Industrial Applications

Filtration is a process that is applied more often than we realize. It is used all around us. It can be as simple as using a sieve after boiling rice to separate the rice from water or as complex and large-scale as purifying drinking water for an entire apartment complex.