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Advantages of using a Centralized Filtration System over Individual Filtration Systems

A centralized filtration system is a single common system unit that caters to smaller filtration systems and their accessories. A centralized filtration system is one of the most convenient and effective ideologies for all filtration purposes due to its mechanism.

We have accumulated a list of reasons why a centralized filtration system can be a viable option in large facilities compared to a stand-alone (smaller) filtration system.

Maximum Space Utilization

It is necessary for individual filtration systems to be placed near their respective machine for best results. This consumes valuable shop floor area. Despite centralized filtration systems being large, they take up a much lesser area than several individual filtration systems needed to handle the same filtration load. This area, if saved, can be used for direct production activities, consequently increasing overall productivity.

It is necessary to create space for easy access and maintenance of these stand-alone filtration systems. In attempting to take this into consideration, customers tend to reduce the space occupied by these filters. This would result in making compromises to these systems, thereby affecting the quality of filtration. Ultimately, coolant life would also be affected.

Easy Shop Management

With centralized coolant filtration, coolant and machine management becomes easier. All operations such as coolant preparation and topping etc. take place in one location, providing control from a single access point. All machines are fed with equal concentration and pressure of coolant, providing better machining results. Coolant flow to individual machines can be controlled by a simple flick of a switch thanks to electro-pneumatically operated valves and control systems that are interlocked with machine cycles.

Reduced Manpower

Each individual system has multiple pumps, conveyors, filter units and spares. Due to this, more manpower would be required for cleaning and maintaining each stand-alone system at periodic intervals. Parameters like coolant concentration, pressure, temperature, filter media replacement have to be operated individually on each system. With the centralized filtration system offering centralized control and a fully automated operation, manpower can be reduced by about 80%.

Maintain Clean Shop

A centralized filtration system can be placed anywhere inside or outside the machine shop. The advantage of placing CFS outside is that sludge handling and other maintenance work can be taken care of outside the shop, resulting in a cleaner shop floor.

Power Consumption and Efficiency

The use of several stand-alone filtration systems to assist different machines involves the use of several small pumps to cater to these individual units. Comparing this to using a centralized filter system, a single large pump can offer better efficiency and ease on maintenance. With CFS, the quality of coolant filtered remains consistent in all machines without any inconsistencies.  Moreover, power consumption can be considerably reduced from powering multiple filters to just a single filtration system.

Huge Cost Savings

The payback of filtration systems is calculated on the basis of the saving on power, spares, manpower, operating costs, consumption of tools, and extended life of the coolant. With a centralized filtration system, all of the above can be checked off, resulting in massive costs being saved annually.

It is necessary to have filtration systems designed and customized to match different manufacturing facilities and their operations for the best results. With over 50 years of experience in helping customers find the perfect coolant filtration system that fit their unique applications, our engineers are well-versed in the subject. Contact us if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of exploring filtration systems that work for you.


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