Case Study: Precoat Filtration Performance For Honing Oil

Case Study: Precoat filtration system performance for Honing oil

Product Installed: Pressure Precoat Filter DFP-5A Industry: Automotive Process Type: Honing – Cylinder Bore Machine   Client Our client is a widely-known multinational automotive manufacturing corporation and is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production based in India.   The Challenge Our client performs cylinder bore component honing as part of their overall manufacturing […]

Troubleshooting the Pre-coat Filter in Cutting Tools Operations – A Case Study

Issues reported by customer: Our customer had two of our pre-coat filters (CFC-90A Filter) to recycle oil-based coolant that was being utilized on their grinding machines to make some of the finest cutting tools in the USA. After a few years of use, they started facing issues with one of the filters and they contacted […]

Why Filtration is Important in Industrial Applications

Filtration is a process that is applied more often than we realize. It is used all around us. It can be as simple as using a sieve after boiling rice to separate the rice from water or as complex and large-scale as purifying drinking water for an entire apartment complex.